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Sizes!!If you order the product and you do not see it the Size Select/Kiválaszt button, you have to write your Size in the comment of the order then...


The productions is not made-to-stock.

General delivery time for consumer order is 7 - 60 days according to the order feature, counted because of arrival of the FULL Price of the product. Thanks for understanding! Our firm takes pains for the ordered product to touch an aim the most quickly. We shipping with Mpl, Hungarian Post, or EMS.

No returns accepted for  Masks, Breasts, Undersuits etc. because of HYGENICAL reasons! When u have any Problems with our Product, First: please write to my email, we will find the solution. Then the Return Shipping cost will pay, the Customer.The One Sizable products we do not exchange it because of a size...We Check All Items!  All Products have Individual Guarantie!

Please Write Email, if You Wanna Order!

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